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mountains of oman

When it comes to the region, general belief is that there is nothing except the desert. However, in Oman, there is a magnificent mountain range of Al Hajar mountain. Al Hajar mountain is divided into the Eastern and the Western Hajar mountain range. Starting from close to the town of Qalhat, all the way upto UAE, Al Hajar mountain range offers visitor some of the most breathtaking beauty. From wadis to grand canyons, from farming terraces to fruit gardens, mountains in Oman offers a very different insight into historical, geographical and cultural aspects of Oman.

wadis of oman

Wadi is referred to the valley or bed of stream which is usually dry except during rainy reason. However it is not necessary for all the wadis to run dry during summer. Wadis in Oman played significant role in history of Oman where most of ancient settlements were around wadis. Wadis in Oman offers you this sense of adventure where you take upon a journey which rewards you with a beautiful gift towards the end.

beaches of oman

Beaches are integral part of holidays for most of the travelers. Well, good news, Oman has world’s some of the most unspoiled and spectacular beaches. Oman is blessed with a massive coast which runs from all the way North to the South, covering Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea. Both of these oceans offers very different beaches for visitors.

deserts of oman

Visit to Oman is not complete without visiting the magnificent desert it has to offer. From relatively smaller desert of Al Sharqiyah to seemingly endless Rub Al Khali, when it comes to deserts, there is plenty to explore. Get yourself immersed into footsteps of Bedouins and adventures in the sand.

Hiking in oman

Some of the best of Oman needs to be discovered on foot. Hidden gems and uncharted territories, Oman is full on surprises. There is so much yet to be discovered in Oman. People who loves hiking, there are plenty of options available, from small short hikes to multi-day excursions, hiking in wadis or in the mountains, pick your chose.