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If you are a city dweller or a nature lover, with Happy Traveler’s App, you will get everything you need to explore. You can browse the cities in Oman to explore or your favorite nature escape. Get to know abut each place with available detailed information.

Explore the sights in the city, or explore the cuisines of Oman, or simply any outdoor location, we got it covered.

Map and GPS Routes

Get the location of all the attractions on the map so you no longer need to worry about finding the place. For all outdoor attractions, including hiking routes, offroading routes, you will get GPS tracks. These GPS tracks are custom made for each place with all required information on the GPS track itself. Thus never be worried about getting lost.

Activities and Events

Check all the activities you can do in Oman. Get the detail information about the activities including location details, operator details. Get the list of all the events and festivals happening in Oman so that you wont miss a thing.

Travel Itineraries

Get the custom made travel itineraries along with GPS routes. With our years of experience of traveling in Oman, we aim to bring you best of Oman at your fingertips.

Find Travel Partners

Traveling solo could be tiring sometimes, and sometimes could be expensive. With Happy Traveler’s App, find nearby travelers, connect with them and plan the travel together.