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Learn more about this magnificent country, where you can experience  wonderful combination of ageless heritage and modern life but far away from glitters and glamours.  In this fast changing world, Oman has managed to retain its traditional charm and its famous hospitality. Oman is definitely for someone who wants to experience the authentic Arab charm


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Oman has one of the most diverse environment in the region, where you can experience beautiful wadis, breathtaking mountains, stunning beaches, and expansive desert. Still quite a raw country, and unspoiled nature. Oman offers this perfect gateway for the nature lovers. Explore this beautiful country with Happy Traveler’s Guide to Oman App. Truly, beauty does have an address.


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When it comes to the activities, Oman has plenty to offer. From snorkeling, diving to hiking, from watersports to offroading, from caving to canyoning, there are plenty of activities for you can try. Enjoy the Oman from a different angle.

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